Yard Sale

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to give some backstory to this, we live in a  fixer-upper. One of the things not being done in favor of building a brand new house is the master bathroom remodel. Currently we use the bathroom as an emergency toilet and a storage area. I also use the counter to fix my hair and get ready


What started as an innocent “Will you please get under the house and cap off the bathtub and shower stall so that I can use that area to put our junk yard sale/craigslist stuff?” turned into “Oh crap! Under the sink has been leaking for who-knows-how-long so I’m just going to pull the bathtub and sink out, use 2x4s to hold the counter in place so you can still get ready in here.”


To which I replied “Can this be done today or tomorrow? I don’t want this to take 14 weeks.”

“You do realize who you are talking to right?”


My house is going to be another ground zero for who-knows-how-long.

Then I wondered around the house doing an inner freakout because this is my favorite time of year and I wanted the house to be semi-pretty/presentable. (Don’t ask about that logic.)

I looked at the calendar.

I walked around the house some more.

I asked several times if he had to work this weekend.

Then……I said cringing the whole time “Do you want to have a yard sale this weekend?”

With bright and shining eyes he said “Yeeeesssss. Did you just say that?”

Grimacing I said “Yes but this is the only weekend it’ll work and I want to get it over and done with and I don’t want to try for next weekend if this weekend doesn’t work and I don’t want my house torn 2541358 ways from Sunday for 14 years and I don’t like having yard sales and you will have to promise to help me set it up and price it and I want you to be reasonable about your prices and not take all day thinking about one little stupid knickknack and how much someone will pay for it and I want all the crap put back in the storage building when it’s over and I don’t want to ask anyone else if they’ve got crap to sale cause I don’t want to have to mess with it.”

Having a yard sale with me is not stressful or freaky at all. They sound like SO MUCH FUN RIGHT????