Stream of Consciousness Sunday | Something Good

Today’s stream of consciousness Sunday prompt is: Tell me something good.

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There has been so much crazy tragedy this past week. So much heartache.

Sometimes I want to put my kids in a bubble so they can stay safe. But of course I can’t. So I try to focus on the good.

I don’t feel like that’s me burying my head in the sand.

Its keeping my head above water so I don’t drown.

I look at Miss Thang and smile at how dramatic she can be.

Smile at how girly she is.

Smile at how she will dance like crazy out of nowhere.

Smile at how she looks after her brother one minute and the next is banning him from her room.

I look at Little Dude and smile at how he’s so quick to smile and giggle while watching his shows.

Smile at how he’s going to be a Ninja or Power Ranger when he grows up.

Smile at how when I start pestering his sister he runs and gets a sword and starts whacking me with it.

Smile at how he always tries to sneak into our bed before he’s even been asleep at all.

I look at Mr. Right and smile at how he’s always making me laugh.

Smile at how he’s always busting out in ridiculous songs.

Smile at how he plays around with the kids like he’s just a big kid himself.

Smile at how he laughs at the most ridiculous and stupid comedy show.


I smile because if I’m not smiling I would be crying. I can’t cry all the time. I can’t.

I have to find something good.

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