Nutella Crescents #Recipe

Nutella Crescents

Day #7 of my 12 Days of Christmas Recipes is

Nutella Crescents

Nutella Crescents

I’ve seen these around on pinterest…they are another super easy one. And my kids ate them all in one night just about.

You basically make these according to package directions. However before you roll them up you put nutella in them. When we made them the other day we made two cans and did each can a little differently. One can we spread the nutella out on the crescent before we rolled them. The other can we heaped spoonfuls of nutella on the wide section of the crescent, then rolled and baked them all according to the package.

My verdict is the ones with the heaping spoonfuls are better. They are both good but the ones with the nutella spread out, the nutella gets really dry and sort of burnt-ish, the texture of it. They don’t taste burnt but the crescents with spoonfuls are still light and fluffy and have oozing nutella.

Oozing nutella is much better than thin dried out nutella. :)

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