Girls Back to School Fashion #FashionFriday


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IF you even clicked over onto this post your probably rolling your eyes…Back to School ALREADY?! I know! I know! A lot of you have only been out for a couple of weeks, we on the other hand are almost halfway through our Summer break!

GIrls Back to School Fashion

I’m trying to keep it low key and not say too much about it to the kids because I want them to enjoy the rest of their summer the best they can. But I am planning ahead this year. Miss Thang is very picky about her clothes. And I just cannot be a mom who makes my kids wear things just because someone bought it for them.

Miss Thang is tricky though because I will see things I just KNOW she will love and when I show her she wrinkles her nose and says, “Sorry Mom, I don’t really like that.” WHAT?!

And then of course I’ll show her something I just know she WON’T like and she’s all “OOOOOHHHH I LOVE THAT!”

Wasn’t this stuff supposed to start in like 2-3 more years at least?!!?

Anyway, I do not shop for her without her being there with me. And I’ve learned that just because she likes it on the hanger DOES NOT mean she’ll like it on her person. I’ve learned to ask the question “Do you like this?” if yes, “Do you like it enough to wear to school multiple times?” is that answer is yes then we are good to go.

So. We’ve been online window shopping for new school clothes. Here are some Miss Thang approved picks.

I’ve always been baffled by the fact that back to school clothes advertisements are hoodies and long sleeves and fleece pants, which I know kids need for the better part of the school year, but my kids want to wear their new clothes NOW….not in four months when it’s finally cold enough to wear long sleeves and fleece pants. Maybe that’s only an issue in OK……if you know anything about weather in OK you know that you can be wearing shorts in December and sweatshirts in July in any given year. I have a picture of my kids playing the in the snow with short sleeves and Miss Thang is wearing a skirt. Weather in Oklahoma is WEEEEEIRD.

So, THAT, along with the fact that Miss Thang is pretty hot natured and DOES NOT LIKE long sleeves at all, all these looks are tanks or short sleeves. When it does finally get cold enough to need something more she adds zip hoodies or jean jackets. Only when it’s SUPER cold will she wear her big coat.


If a shirt says ANYthing about being a gymnast or gymnastics she will want it. THAT I can count on! This is super easy, tank & jean shorts.

Back to School Girl - Tank & Shorts
denim skimmer shorts (TCP) / gymnastics tank (TCP) / pink bling cami (TCP) / jeweled flower pony holder (TCP) / crochet flats (walmart)


Miss Thang loves ombre, and she loves these sleeveless button ups. (Me too!)

Back to School Girl - Ombre & White
white skimmer shorts (TCP) / beaded friendship bracelets (TCP) / sleeveless chiffon top (walmart) / essie nail color (target) /sequin dot boat shoe (payless)


She (actually both of us!) loves zebra print and lime green. I like the cutesy sporty-ness of this look.

Back to School Girl - Black & White
white lace trim leggings (TCP) / zebra pony elastics (TCP) / cami top (TCP) / active skater skort (TCP) / sleeveless chiffon top (walmart) / glitter flats (walmart)


Again, super easy, tee & skinny jeans.

Back to School Girl - Jeans & Tee
lace sleeve hi-low tee (TCP) / skinny jeans (TCP) / bouquet headband (TCP) / beaded friendship bracelets (TCP) / sequin dot boat shoes (payless)


This is for those days when she just wants to be comfy.

Back to School Girl - Athletic
text later graphic tee (TCP) / active graphic fleece pants (TCP) / glitter headwraps (TCP) / blast runner (payless)


I love mix & match. So much more for your money. And the tribal/aztec prints are very on trend right now.

Back to School Girl - Aztec
ruched sleeve graphic tee (TCP) / embellished hi-low tank (TCP) / geo print headband (TCP) / geo print bubble skirt (TCP) / solid leggings (TCP) / crochet flats (walmart)


Another gynmast/sporty look.

Girls Back to School Gray/Purple
striped active gymnastics tank (TCP) / active skort (TCP) / double shine headband (TCP) / leopard leggings (TCP) / essie nail polish (target) / glitter flats (walmart)


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If you have girls are they hard or easy to shop for? Are any girls easy to shop for?
Have you even started THINKING about back to school shopping yet?