We don’t know what we want!

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Well, maybe we know what we want, just not exactly the order that we want things.


Last August was our 10th anniversary and Mr. Right promised me we’d buy a new to me car. There isn’t anything wrong with my current car, I just want an SUV not a car.

We were also at one point planning to head to Florida for a cruise but decided with so much else going on that we were going to push that back until after the first of the year.

In the middle of all of this was talk of building a house.

Well, let me just say, so far none of those things have happened. And none of those things are going to happen this year even.

Not unless something changes big time, like Mr. Right gets a huge promotion or something. (Which we do see in the future but not right away.)

I’ve been diligently looking for my new-to-me SUV and I had found several. Went to look and test drive several. Nothing was just right. I didn’t want to settle on anything less than exactly what I wanted, and even with my limited budget, I knew I could get what I wanted if I was patient.

Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with naturally.

After Mr. Right rejecting several vehicles, because if he didn’t force me to stick to my guns on all the options I really really wanted I would’ve settled, he promised to help me look.

In the meantime, I was browsing around online looking at this modular home we have had our eye on (we were/are planning on copying the floor plan) and noticed that the price for the modular was reduced by a lot.

Off handedly I told Mr. Right I’d happily drive my car for a couple more years we could use our down payment money toward the house, it was greatly reduced. (Plus we’d sell our current house too.)

We thought about it, and got the paperwork started.

And then started having second thoughts. While we really really liked the house, the only real reason we would’ve been going ahead with it was simply instant gratification.

Did we really want to sink that much money into a Modular Home? Because let’s be honest, a modular home is just a fancy name for a Manufactured Home, (NOTHING against those, our current home is one!). But we bought ours used and for cheap so no matter what we will make money if/when we sell.

If we throw all this money into the new one, no matter what we will loose money if we ever sold it.

Not exactly a good financial choice.

So we told them thanks but we are choosing to go a different route.

So, now our plan is to hold on to our savings, save all we can possibly bring in next year, and then when we get our tax rebate next year, use that chunk of money to build a metal building house on our land. This way, the new home will be considered a conventional home (thus worth more to a bank), and then we can either, stay here in the new house a few years, or sell everything, new home with land & the old mobile home, and we can take all that and buy a bigger home (that’s not modular or mobile but conventional) that is closer to the kids school, or at the very least in the kids school district. (We’re transferred but that’s another story.)

So, no new house this year and no new to me car but I’m still trying to make a vacation work.

It feels like the last few months have been lots of us making decisions only to turn around and change our minds just to turn around and change them again!

On the upside, we are being smart with what we’ve got and our plan.

And I got a new laptop. So that’s a plus. I’ve been wanting/needing one for a long time. I wanted a Mac but got an Hp Envy instead. My husband put his old beater barely working transmission car on craigslist for trade and this is what we got.

Seriously, Mr. Right can put some really crazy stuff on craigslist and get some really valuable and awesome stuff in return. I don’t know how he does it.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on in my little corner of the woods. What’s up with you lovelies?


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