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My name is Anna. Green Eyed Country Girl is a lifestyle blog. I write about family life, tips & tricks for the home, food & recipes, style & beauty, and more.

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About The Girl

Anna Hettick - Green Eyed Country GirlFirst and foremost I Love God, and I thank Him every day for the many many blessings he’s given me. Most importantly for saving me. Secondly for the wonderful husband (Mr. Right) he’s given me who loves me unconditionally and supports my dreams and crazy ideas. Thirdly for the beautiful children (Miss Thang & Little Dude) He’s given me.

Sorry ya’ll, God gave me the most beautiful family on the planet, I’m sure you think yours is, but nope, it’s mine.

I grew up on 5 acres in Oklahoma. I wished it was 500.

We had cows. I wanted horses.

We had a farm. I wanted a ranch.

I loved watching westerns with my dad, dreaming of what it would be like to live in the days when West was wild. I would have loved to have been more country than I was. I would have loved to be a true Cowgirl. But I’m country enough. Nowadays I channel my inner cowgirl by talkin’ southern, wearing cowboy boots more than 75% of the time, and browsing online for western wear and western home decor.

If it’s not obvious yet I love all things Country. Not 80’s country blue and mauve. Real country- hay bales, old beat up trucks, spurs, cowboy hats & boots, rodeos, bull ridings, cows, horses, saddles, horseshoes, etc etc.

I am affectionately known as the List Freak.

I adore chevron, stripes, paisley, and plaid. Palm trees, fleur de lis, and anchors are pretty awesome too.

My favorite color is green, but blue is a very close second.

I have always wanted to be able to write. A book, an article, a short story, anything, just to write.

Nutella and iced coffee are crucial to my well being.

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